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Dusk of the Madness Dusk of the Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Animated Zombie Horror at its Finest!

I first of all dare say that this horrific trilogy is epic at high standards being more developed at every episode.

I like the idea of plot for this conclusion being evolved from "Dawn of Madness" our heroes escaping a zombie infested city, "Day of Madness" our heroes defending themselves on an undead devastated out break shelter isle land, to now surviving another zombie devastated city until achieving the goal of finding a possible cure for the solemn infection.

I am ain't going to lie, the intro of this movie gave me goosebumps, I liked the flash back scene being the protagonist's dream. The lay out of the "Sh-it-ee Market" being remade, I liked the references of Dirty Ice's logo on the advertise, and the reference of your cool "Bad Mother Fucker" Wallet, that made me laughed out loud. :)

I really liked the creative changes of violence on this flash, as our protagonists this time are stealthily killing the undead, for example, the water gun firing acid was very original, the stool, and glass lens, very creative animated violence in this episode I dare say.

The animation on this flash smoothly pictured, as always, as you have been developing your abilities in flash, self taught even which is most impressive.

As I have always said before, Camera movement is your top strength in animation. You used the camera views while creating this flash up to the best of your standards which made this movie all the more exiting, intensive, and frighting, for example at the boat scene when Nick slowly opened the cabin door, the close up of the door added the great touch of tension to the first scene of this movie.

I was touched with the added animated human emotional moment you added for Kat (I think the character's name is), at first scene, that plus the proportions of the combat shotgun and camera close up, it had convincing drama, that emotionally touched me.

Kudos for all your hard work done with the art of the zombies, each one of them looking more badly decomposed, the clothes, the wounds, other features that made each every one of the zombies look more individual. I also loved the zombie sound effects had a more creepy undead tone to it.

I also liked the concept addtion of the biker gangsters, they were very well designed, artistically. I like the role of play to antagonize our heroes. You designed the bikes very nicely.

I think you done a great job designing the backgrounds of this movies, giving it such good detail to appear more of a zombie devastation, with the near demolished buildings, decomposing corpses, trash, and mess, it was all great. Made the environment of this flash look more convincing of the theme of a zombie runned over city, I liked the satanic reference of the trashed up video store " 6.66" That made flash look more apocalyptic.

As always the final zombie fighting scene reaches high standards of your hard animating work, with clever attacks, intense camera movements, powerful gun firing, and shocking zombies praying on our heroes. Also the Freddy Stone zombie made me smile in amusement. I favorite Veronica's crow bar attacks as it was barbaric.

I really enjoyed the twisted ending of this series with the best of you camera movements, the strength of adding more human emotion with out it being too obvious to the Madness character's faces despite the fact that madness characters are strictly faceless, The great touches of drama, it all just putted this great series to an end.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this movie as it was horrifically action packed, with dramatic twists.

I hope to see more future works form you.

Your a great talented Animator and Artist. :)

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Littleluckylink responds:

Thank you so much, your reviews are always my favorites to read. I love how you notice the small things that i put in there

Greatly appreciated man =] thank you very much

Madness T E T R I S ' D Madness T E T R I S ' D

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This has always been a very good suprise flash ever since the times of Madness Day 2009.

I like the concept of putting together in a mix two simplisticlly, epic, famous stick figure like flashes, with the point of view of the madness charecter dodging and avoiding getting squashed by Tetris cudes. Good layout of setting for the plot of this flash with the tetris'd arena in the centre and enterance towards the arena and the operator's office thats behind this madness.

Your have designed the features of this flash very well.

The action and animation of this film reaches good standards for a first try of this new concept of the short figured madness charecters athetically dodging the tetris bricks falling on him. The movements and physics of this flash smoothly and delicatlly motioned for the madness charecters and all other animated features.

Overall this flash piece of yours highlights of how far you have improved with your abillities in animation. Give yourself a pat in your back.

Now what to consider to develop for a possible sequal and future animations is...

To make the scene of action last more longer with the protagenist avoiding getting squashed by the tetris cubes, but next quicken the pace of action, work more on the athletics and be more creative with the movements (i.e. Wall jumps, rolls, brick flips, etc). Maybe add agents and enemies in the arena to try and fight the protagenist while he is occupied concurring the dangers of the tetris arena. Also keep up the good work with camera action, because its makes all the difference to build up the visual impact of animation.

Keep up the good work, Your becoming better at flash day after day. :)

Also, a belated thanks for adding my name on the background, it made my madness day. :D

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Crazymonkey154 responds:

WOW thanks buddy =D. Sure thing for adding your name to the wall. You make it seem like I did better than even I thought I had when I first made this.....

Revival & Revenge Revival & Revenge

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epicness Developed

Alot of Your animation abillities have improved since Madness Day 2008.

Firstlly I liked Your own art of appearance of Madness Characters with there new facial features, and more musculen figures appearring more mean and hard. Jake L Turlper looked alot better appeared, more musculen aggressive with his facial features and gear all rearranged for the better. Stabby appears as Sci Fi solider positivly with his mask mostlly Both Characters simulate towards the mordern Madness Combat Fashion which blends in well with the theme of this Flash.

The Backgrounds are well designed with the blue skies outdoors an original approach of enviromental appearrance. The Surgeory and Laboretys were well laid out in which adds more decoration to colour in with the plot of this cartoon. Keep up the creativity with this new development towards flash.

The Plot makes alot more original sense with Jakes metamorphesis, The element Yrgonium, etc. Its impressive of how You took the storyline of the prequal of this flash to such an alternative turn, which makes it all the more interesting.

The animation of movements and action has improved alot since your last Madness Flash. The Shooting and Melee combat of this flash are alot more smooth and had a very good attempt with a two protaganist perspective. Also had some clever fighting styles of killing. A few things I have to crititize you about. When Jake was hanging on the ceiling and shot that agent, the feeling of impact and brutal force from the gun blast ceased to exist. That also needs to have the finishing touch of pain and power from the bullet when it hits the agent as said with more of the meaning on my last review. Also what I think You need to do for next madness flash is focus on the one protagenist perspective to master the full edge of madness animating. Also add a slight tilt on the madness character's body, when walking and etc. Back at the elevator scene when Jake defected the firing bullets with his sword, You didn't put at first in footage, before the shooting, the agents raising thair guns firing at Jake. All that was viewed after Jake sheilding against the bullets was a massacre of guards instead. Another thing to keep in mind.

The Car Chase Scene was awesome. The Vechiles were nicely drawed and designed, and there was well motioned action. What You should try with future car chase scenes is to watch the begaining of Madness Combat 9 and look into alot of detail with the camera movements, different drawn views of vechiles and charecters close ups in footage, and think in more creativity of what how to give future car chase scenes a more stronger visual impact with fast and furious action that would glue the viewers eyes on to the computer screen.

In Conclusion You have clearlly improved alot more in madness animating since last year. What You should do is give yourself a long timeframe to animate a perfect madness flash and master all there is to master to be a better Madness Animator. I give 10/10 for Your great, hard works on this cartoon

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RazorShader responds:

Wow, epic review :D
You definately gave me enough hints to improve on future submissions.
And I have to say that I agree with all of them, so they are truly helpful.
Thanks a lot ;D

Recent Game Reviews

Sniper Confrontation Sniper Confrontation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A funny shooter

I found this very entertaining. it is very well done for your first interactive game submission.

I liked the design of the aim-a-scoop cusor, very high tech looking, as would be inspired by "Sift Heads"

The Features of Madness Charecters, both from Krinkel's epic "Madness Apothesis", and ToxicDevil's madness Ninja, is nicely made, Also featuring your old school middle fingure guy, and Random insult's Bob, is nicely mixed in this game, and there murders, were all animated smoothly reacting the sniper shoots.

Madness Combat 4 Hank's bullet, sword defecting was slick.

Bobs ressurecting was brightlly effective, just when i thought i had Bob's ugly ass Killt! :3

I also liked the effective Grenade Expolsion feature, nicely animated too.

Also well fitted soundtack of Eminem, matching the killing objective of this game.

another great submission by you. my 10/10 belongs to this:)

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nggangsterpimp responds:

for my first game it isnt really that bad.

hay thanks alot man. i wanted to make the shooter look extremely good. :D its not the best but i love it.

toxicdevil did great on that ninja. its awesome. haha middle fingar gai and Bob;. lawl.

hay man what can i say. mc4 hank is way to cool to die. he fucking wins. especially with that sword. he deflects all your shit cuz he wins like that. :P

yeah. just when you think you can finally get bob for talking shit to you he comes right back. its to bad that god likes to see bob ripping you. D:

the grenade explosion isnt that great. credits to the granade also go to toxicdevil93. i gotta add that. but i did the explosion by myself.

eminem is great. :D

thnx man. appreciate this well thought out review. >:D

da grandma jerk*(madness) da grandma jerk*(madness)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Short, Sweet, and entertaining

This was humourising with the plot, and the charecter's speeches. but i would suggest to text the charecter's speech text in bold impact, just like the recent Madness Combat episodes, i would refer you to take example from Krinkel's Madness Combat 7.

By Now i Ashume that sniper shooters is your genre of animated game production, mostly inspired from "Sift Heads 2" for what i know.

the action was good. but what i would point out is that, drawing a graphical sniper Aim-a-Scoop instead of a rather simple dot consur, would bring into more life, the game's atmosphere.

For the Sequal of this game, a secetion of various sepefic guns' and weapons would be desisive for the player's choice of stratagy for mission.

The Idea for the Grandma's spirit was well drawen, but the lines' of grandma's wig needs to be thinner, and the elipseness of wig would improve with more persist curved drawing. And Redesigning grandma's apperance in more charactising elderlly raggy clothes would give individal charecter appearence aside the madness victem looks. Added White coloured hanks shades would be a good idea.

The animation of the victem's death should be motioned in a more gritty movement of death, but i won't point too much detail of the subject as far as i could you improved from your recent animation with Nas soundtrack that was in blog.

Also another Suggest i would make for the sequal game, is to feature the three dimensional Sniper Rifle Handled that is spiritlly drawen in Krinkel's Madness Combat 8 at the introduction. giving animated introductions of The Sniper Game displaying plot of mission (Take Sift Heads 2 for Example), will make more worth playing.

i'll rate 9/10, because it was madness day:)

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soulreapermarco responds:

alright ill take that in mind thanKS!

meh meh meh meh meh meh

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hmm interesting.

Very good spot the difference puzzles, alot of work involved for you to lay out every detail in motion for such puzzling, entertainment, what i surggest for the accutal game is that you add more difficult actions towards each level, and you should add afew touchs to this. like the clicking motion of the bottons and level introductions from inspiration of Nintendo gamepocket brain test games, because thats what this reminds me of.

overall very good and challenging:)

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bigmac990 responds:

thanks for the constructive feed back ;) im thinking about making another game like this and bringing in some1 who can actually do actionscript, becuase i am hopless at coding. thanks again :D

Recent Audio Reviews

Kid Jacked The Car Kid Jacked The Car

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Up Beat!

A ice cold song this. I like its concept.

First of all, the beat is nicelly made and is very uplifting and as always matchs your lyrical distinct style. It makes my head bump up and down, such good vibe to the beat.

The lyricism is great as always, I would love to hear a studio edit with the voice though. But neather the less, its great. I love the concept plot of a kid trying to be hard and upfront but suffers the consequences, lol.
I like your sort of voice acting style spitting on the chorus among other people's public reaction towards a kid jacking a car, lol. I like your laid back, vocal, lyrical attitude in this song, stylish as always. I also found the ending "It's sh!t like this that gives rap a bad" humourous, as it references the mainstream public's point of view of rap.

In conclusion this song reaches your highest standards in rap.



Thanks for the great review, bro!
It's very appreciated!

Wail On Them Studio Edition Wail On Them Studio Edition

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Very Best of Dirty Ice!

This song is illmatic!

The beat of this song is head rocking. I like the instrumental background of it, You have got your own good potential to it, with the church arrcordion, adding a creepy horrourcore sound to it. Very stylish.

Your lyrics are all nicelly rhythmed, you have very good vocalbulary skills when you rhyem in this tune. I love the aggressive, vocal, attitude on this on, espically on the chorus, which is catchy. I also like the eminem like humour you add with your flow on thism it makes it all the more entertaining.

The most essential song by you, so far. I can predict and I do hope for big success for this song, its at high standards of music!

Keep wailing on them! >:)


Oh thank you so fucking much for the review, homie!
You really give me full feedback here, it's much appreciated, bro!

Recent Art Reviews

Bloodthirsty Smiley Bloodthirsty Smiley

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Gory!

I like the gory, dark, evil style of this art piece.

The charecter's face is all nicelly designed as apposed to simulate towards commonly used internet smilies. I love the colour scheme of the smilie face being none saturated with bright red blood stains on his face and sharp, visous teeth. I love how you coloured the eyes to look evil. Its all what makes the face of the charecter.

I like the design of the body and fashion of the charecter being interpurtated at your own artistic style. It looks horrorificly stylish, remindeds me abit of Freddy Kooper, Jason from Friday the 13th and Leatherface. (You get the jist of it.) The charecter's claw looks very mutaented and horrific, all stylish.

I also love the colourful textural background, being all red gorific and illusional. These kind of textural colourful backgrounds are your top strength in art, its what makes your art pieces complete.

Overall I favorite this masterpiece from you >:).

RazorShader responds:

Thanks. The claw is one of the things I'm most fond of in this picture xD

For the backgrounds in my images; it's pure laziness actually; I used the same filter for this one as Nocturnal Drive-by and my Christmas Picture with Jake and Agent Orange... I just adapt the transparency for each one :P
It took a hell of a time to make it - but it serves it's purpose :3

Nocturnal drive-by Nocturnal drive-by

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I must say i like this art piece very much and its concept of being a drive by shooting which is rare to find on newgrounds.

I like the simplistic art style of the car and smiling charecter being so convincing, visually.

The colours and tones of features very well dark, tonal shaded.

This picture is so effective with the dark foggy effects of the sky and lights of the car front lights, uzi gun firing, and moon light being so saturated amonst this foggy climate atmosphere. You good basic colour scheme for this picture and use of tones is what made this art piece at its finest.

I also like the effects of the wheels fading illusionally. The only flaw of this picture is the speeding illusion effects of the back of the car, the fading effect should be more faded and have less colour preassure amongst the background so this illusional visual impact of speeding will be complete.

Overall one of the very best of your artworks :D

RazorShader responds:

Thanks man, very constructive. :D
Yea I see now I might have pushed it a bit too far with the fading indeed.