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Dusk of the Madness Dusk of the Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Animated Zombie Horror at its Finest!

I first of all dare say that this horrific trilogy is epic at high standards being more developed at every episode.

I like the idea of plot for this conclusion being evolved from "Dawn of Madness" our heroes escaping a zombie infested city, "Day of Madness" our heroes defending themselves on an undead devastated out break shelter isle land, to now surviving another zombie devastated city until achieving the goal of finding a possible cure for the solemn infection.

I am ain't going to lie, the intro of this movie gave me goosebumps, I liked the flash back scene being the protagonist's dream. The lay out of the "Sh-it-ee Market" being remade, I liked the references of Dirty Ice's logo on the advertise, and the reference of your cool "Bad Mother Fucker" Wallet, that made me laughed out loud. :)

I really liked the creative changes of violence on this flash, as our protagonists this time are stealthily killing the undead, for example, the water gun firing acid was very original, the stool, and glass lens, very creative animated violence in this episode I dare say.

The animation on this flash smoothly pictured, as always, as you have been developing your abilities in flash, self taught even which is most impressive.

As I have always said before, Camera movement is your top strength in animation. You used the camera views while creating this flash up to the best of your standards which made this movie all the more exiting, intensive, and frighting, for example at the boat scene when Nick slowly opened the cabin door, the close up of the door added the great touch of tension to the first scene of this movie.

I was touched with the added animated human emotional moment you added for Kat (I think the character's name is), at first scene, that plus the proportions of the combat shotgun and camera close up, it had convincing drama, that emotionally touched me.

Kudos for all your hard work done with the art of the zombies, each one of them looking more badly decomposed, the clothes, the wounds, other features that made each every one of the zombies look more individual. I also loved the zombie sound effects had a more creepy undead tone to it.

I also liked the concept addtion of the biker gangsters, they were very well designed, artistically. I like the role of play to antagonize our heroes. You designed the bikes very nicely.

I think you done a great job designing the backgrounds of this movies, giving it such good detail to appear more of a zombie devastation, with the near demolished buildings, decomposing corpses, trash, and mess, it was all great. Made the environment of this flash look more convincing of the theme of a zombie runned over city, I liked the satanic reference of the trashed up video store " 6.66" That made flash look more apocalyptic.

As always the final zombie fighting scene reaches high standards of your hard animating work, with clever attacks, intense camera movements, powerful gun firing, and shocking zombies praying on our heroes. Also the Freddy Stone zombie made me smile in amusement. I favorite Veronica's crow bar attacks as it was barbaric.

I really enjoyed the twisted ending of this series with the best of you camera movements, the strength of adding more human emotion with out it being too obvious to the Madness character's faces despite the fact that madness characters are strictly faceless, The great touches of drama, it all just putted this great series to an end.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this movie as it was horrifically action packed, with dramatic twists.

I hope to see more future works form you.

Your a great talented Animator and Artist. :)

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Littleluckylink responds:

Thank you so much, your reviews are always my favorites to read. I love how you notice the small things that i put in there

Greatly appreciated man =] thank you very much

Madness T E T R I S ' D Madness T E T R I S ' D

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This has always been a very good suprise flash ever since the times of Madness Day 2009.

I like the concept of putting together in a mix two simplisticlly, epic, famous stick figure like flashes, with the point of view of the madness charecter dodging and avoiding getting squashed by Tetris cudes. Good layout of setting for the plot of this flash with the tetris'd arena in the centre and enterance towards the arena and the operator's office thats behind this madness.

Your have designed the features of this flash very well.

The action and animation of this film reaches good standards for a first try of this new concept of the short figured madness charecters athetically dodging the tetris bricks falling on him. The movements and physics of this flash smoothly and delicatlly motioned for the madness charecters and all other animated features.

Overall this flash piece of yours highlights of how far you have improved with your abillities in animation. Give yourself a pat in your back.

Now what to consider to develop for a possible sequal and future animations is...

To make the scene of action last more longer with the protagenist avoiding getting squashed by the tetris cubes, but next quicken the pace of action, work more on the athletics and be more creative with the movements (i.e. Wall jumps, rolls, brick flips, etc). Maybe add agents and enemies in the arena to try and fight the protagenist while he is occupied concurring the dangers of the tetris arena. Also keep up the good work with camera action, because its makes all the difference to build up the visual impact of animation.

Keep up the good work, Your becoming better at flash day after day. :)

Also, a belated thanks for adding my name on the background, it made my madness day. :D

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Crazymonkey154 responds:

WOW thanks buddy =D. Sure thing for adding your name to the wall. You make it seem like I did better than even I thought I had when I first made this.....

Revival & Revenge Revival & Revenge

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epicness Developed

Alot of Your animation abillities have improved since Madness Day 2008.

Firstlly I liked Your own art of appearance of Madness Characters with there new facial features, and more musculen figures appearring more mean and hard. Jake L Turlper looked alot better appeared, more musculen aggressive with his facial features and gear all rearranged for the better. Stabby appears as Sci Fi solider positivly with his mask mostlly Both Characters simulate towards the mordern Madness Combat Fashion which blends in well with the theme of this Flash.

The Backgrounds are well designed with the blue skies outdoors an original approach of enviromental appearrance. The Surgeory and Laboretys were well laid out in which adds more decoration to colour in with the plot of this cartoon. Keep up the creativity with this new development towards flash.

The Plot makes alot more original sense with Jakes metamorphesis, The element Yrgonium, etc. Its impressive of how You took the storyline of the prequal of this flash to such an alternative turn, which makes it all the more interesting.

The animation of movements and action has improved alot since your last Madness Flash. The Shooting and Melee combat of this flash are alot more smooth and had a very good attempt with a two protaganist perspective. Also had some clever fighting styles of killing. A few things I have to crititize you about. When Jake was hanging on the ceiling and shot that agent, the feeling of impact and brutal force from the gun blast ceased to exist. That also needs to have the finishing touch of pain and power from the bullet when it hits the agent as said with more of the meaning on my last review. Also what I think You need to do for next madness flash is focus on the one protagenist perspective to master the full edge of madness animating. Also add a slight tilt on the madness character's body, when walking and etc. Back at the elevator scene when Jake defected the firing bullets with his sword, You didn't put at first in footage, before the shooting, the agents raising thair guns firing at Jake. All that was viewed after Jake sheilding against the bullets was a massacre of guards instead. Another thing to keep in mind.

The Car Chase Scene was awesome. The Vechiles were nicely drawed and designed, and there was well motioned action. What You should try with future car chase scenes is to watch the begaining of Madness Combat 9 and look into alot of detail with the camera movements, different drawn views of vechiles and charecters close ups in footage, and think in more creativity of what how to give future car chase scenes a more stronger visual impact with fast and furious action that would glue the viewers eyes on to the computer screen.

In Conclusion You have clearlly improved alot more in madness animating since last year. What You should do is give yourself a long timeframe to animate a perfect madness flash and master all there is to master to be a better Madness Animator. I give 10/10 for Your great, hard works on this cartoon

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RazorShader responds:

Wow, epic review :D
You definately gave me enough hints to improve on future submissions.
And I have to say that I agree with all of them, so they are truly helpful.
Thanks a lot ;D

MZM 69 2 MZM 69 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Humour, Zombies, Madness all in a mix

A mid Kanamomashouse spam and Nggangster Madness Chronicla epic.

That tickled me alot. Firstlly i liked the comic discribing the pilot of this cartoon was well picture with the background referrence towards a plantation back in the slavery times in the american black amarican history background, and well flash back to MZM 69.

The Spirits in this flash were well made, especially with the black sumo and Kanamomashouse all simplly made in a positive way, And Zombies may not lead to madness perfection but that dose not put the score to a downfall. The main potentional of this flash is the humour. And good of You to make use of ToxicDevil's Background from his madness tribute flashes which are by now scraped.

The animation in general was very neat with The fighting of the black sumo, with all the top spining arobatic Martial Arts styled action, It was all well motioned without the flexabillity of arms legs, etc needed. The Zombies might not be up to its best of Madness animation quality unlike many of Nggangsterpimp's well skilled madness flashes. But what should be brought to attention is the awesome animated action pack fighting of the sumo. Also nice addition with the KFC chicken legs being used as martial arts weapons, that made me lol.

Also the Ending of this flash with the conflict between The Black Sumo and Kanamomashouse Charecter is quite tense which all builds the plot from being very thin for a spam humour flash towards being an actual original story, flash worthy, which all shows development.

In Conclusion Its a very impressive concept to be a comedy spam cartoon, Madness Combat Tribute flash being adjusted to one great piece of flash that i give 10/10 to.


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nggangsterpimp responds:

Hey thanks alot. Wow fuck me man really thanks.

Madness Reprobabilitation Madness Reprobabilitation

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Impressivelly Done on Power Point

First off. I'll state that you done a good job all creditted to creativity on Power Point.

I commend you on remixing featured scenes from Krinkels animations in syncing with your concept of a Madness Tribute.

The art of the charecters was very neat. I like the design of Jake Tulper with his horrific look. You done a good job drawing the charecters from Krinkel's seris. The Backgrounds were neatlly drawn for most scenes.

The Animation of this cartoon was overall well motioned and action packed, but more work needs to be put in for movements, as following...

The Introduction scene was well reminded of the very first Madness Combat episode. Mortal Jake's death needs more work added with the force of bullets him, brutally. A more masked trembled death could have been add, with bounce his corpse collapsing.

The Introdution of Jake Rebirth was well presented with him shooting the two agents.

The Boat scene is what brings my rating to its downfall. The Speed Boat was well drawn. What could have made it better would be when Jake jumped onboard the boat, there have been an animated splash to represent him land on the vechile. Also when the boat was in motion there should have been added a trailing splash of water coming from the back engine to suggest the speed of the boat. Lastly the Colour scheme of the sea and sky was very matching, a top priority of art is that when drawing/painting/animating water is that water is a reflective substance that should image its surrounding enviroment. I would have suggested at least a dark gray colour with added graident for the sea waters.

The Action was well animated at most parts. The prospective point of view of Jake shooting the agent gents with the berretta was well animated but the deaths of the agents need a more masked motion added.

The Scene when Jebus stabed Tricky,y remained stiff without showing any sign of pain, and more smoothness is needed for Jebus sword stabing movements.
The very same scene when Jake had the Sherrif killed was well stylish with the matrix bullet time refference, but the fps should have reduced speed with sounds being more deepened.

The Train- Car chase scene was well thought out, but the motion of both vechiles made the vechiles appeared very stiff, with the carri of vechiles not slightly bouncing up and down on the wheels like a Chevy 64 Impala.
And when the second train landed on the lower cliff, and bounced, it looked very unrealistic. In reality it would have either exploded or slided along the surface trailing sparks with its mechanical parts getting torn apart in destruction.
But it was well referenced of Madness Antipathy.

The Deaths of the agents in a later scene was too easly collapsed without the agents putting up more of a fight and remained very still, That scene is in need of more smoothness of animation, also with addition of masked deaths with the brutality of bullets.

I also commend you on the MAG AGENT V2. scene with the clever ness of murder, but the animation of that scene should have footage of Jebus struggling with strength to use the telegonises power of the heavy Helmet mask thing. The magic powers of Jake and Jebus needs more emotion of rage added to demonstrate the strength and fury of power, like wizards out on a battlefield.

The Final Fight Scene passed away very quicklly. Every Finale Battle in between a Protagenist and Angonist should feature long lasting dramaic, thrilling, brutal, aggressive, action, to finish a plot nicely.

Over all I thought this animation is very good but you need to improve more on smoothness of animation and emotions of charecters.

But keep the good work up :)

lol at the featured Nelson Munts catchphrase:P

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RazorShader responds:

Wow. Huge review. But I read it completely ;)

I agree with you about what you say about the suffering of the victims. They are dead immediately or don't seem to bother too much about getting hit or stabbed.

Also the bouncing train is indeed something that looks pretty odd, to me as well, but I just animated it and didn't took the time to improve it.

And you're also right about what you say about Jebus and the big Agent and the final fighting scene.

The problem I faced was a lack of time when I created it... :P
About a week before MD08 I noted that there actually was a madnessday and I spent all my available time on animating this, but it just wasn't enough to make everything turn out great.
Also I was expecting to have a much longer scene at the end, but I made the part from Jakes fight with Mag Agent V1 until the end the day before
I actually skipped school to convert the whole ppt to Flash at MadnessDay, because the first two conversions had some major glitch issues. Just to indicate my lack of time, which looks like a lack of effort.

BUT... This year's submission of mine will probably be a little shorter, but expect it to be better animated.
And thanks for this review; it's probably the best I've had so far.

Chavs Chavs

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A great Brittish themed cartoon

I am impressed to see someone put in perspective on animation of what the most talked about styreotype in britain is.... Chavs(despite the fact i am from Scotland.

The Chav charecters are nicelly drawen, at its shape and facial features, its artistic style reminds me of the comic Beano (the Brittish Dennis the Menace) in which is most ideal for the artwork of this cartoon. The "Chav-ed" fashion of the charecters was well drawen with the track suits, and fake "bling". the chav in the strippy top needs more chaved decoration. but the artwork of the charecters was great with the addition of the Chav-ettes, Goths ect. it brings great urban brittish them to this cartoon.

The Backgrounds was all well drawen with the colour dullness of the buildings, and dull graphical cloudly less saturated coloured sky, all represents modern urban britain, in atmosphere of this cartoon. funny referrence of mac-dolnalds

The "Chaved- out" car is niclly drawen graphically and perspectivlly.

The Animation as well motioned for the facial features (eyes and lip sync). i think what you need to take more practice in is drawing the chav charecters in multi perspective views and make animated use of these features including the hands, and many positions of the fingers.

The Voices were well accented into the typical chav, which is a must for parodising the styreotype of all chavs, and had good rap lyrics, in a humourising way.

this featured a good hip hop beat in a deep broken tone to match the aggression of Chavs in rapping lyrics mode.

overall i am glad to see some animate in perspective the most common type of charecter in britain, and that is... chavs


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Orlando's Joint #1 Orlando's Joint #1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An Urban Comedy Classic

This Seris has always been a master piece in the Ghetto collection.

The Story idea of a failed DJ Bud Smoker and his homies working at a Cafe in Los Angelos, as the setting of this Comedy Seris is quite Original than other urban plots in LA being Gangsters doing Drive-By shootings, and dealing dope.

The Charecters were simplly nicelly drawn in the urban cartoons enviroment, which this style is theme matching in many ways, brought half realistic artwork.

The same positive feedback i give credit to the artwork of the backgrounds inside well decorated, and funished, and the outside buildings were drawn in the Ghetto fashion, which matches the catchment of LA, and had good focus quality with the Coffe Joint among the Background.

The voice acting for charecters was in good ghetto-ish slang, with the accents, and tones of voices.

The Humour was great, because of many referrences that are relevant to real life situations in LA

This classic earns my 10/10 :)

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Garfield is Awesome Garfield is Awesome

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A Great Garfield Tribute Flash.

As a true loyle fan of garfield that i am, i will claim this to be one of the best garfield flash cartoons i seen on newgrounds.

Firstlly Garfield was neatlly drawn on the flash enviroment, very plain and simple looking, but i mean to say positivelly. Odie was niclly drawn aswell, very much of a look alike to the original, but remained stiff still throughout the flash. Jon was best drawn too from scratch, at a frame to frame pace, which is traditional for the original Garfield Cartoons. As for the Background enviroment and libary props, its was all drawn with such neat style to match the artwork of the flash, and very much a look-a-like to the original garfield cartoons, i'll state this compliment for espaically for the front of Garfield's house background, was drawn in such great layout.

The Animation for this cartoon, was very well motioned for Jon's movements, picking up the newspaper, and shooting his gun, its all very well done in such a basic form. The Lip Syncing for both Jon and Garfield was well timed with the voice track, but Garfield's yellow lips didn't move at all to change his facial expression, it look dull to give his facial feactures no movement at all, even with the eye contact, in which you put much better effort when animating Jon, And Odie remain stiff as a statue, it would have looked better to animate Odie panting in the flash. But still this dosn't put at downfall, the quality of animation on this cartoon.

Jon's voice acting was very well sound syncing with his emotions, but the voice just needs to have a more broken pitch to match the original, natural charecter of Jon, himself.

In Conculsion If you love garfield, you'll be glad to view this fine piece of animation, on newgrounds, for your viewing pleassure. earns my 9/10


Blockhead: Episode 1 Blockhead: Episode 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Simple Minded Comedy Classic

This Cartoon is a very original, humourous piece of concept.

I liked your idea of a stick men look-a-like charecter in a normal cartoonised human world, supported by the looks of an over weight old alcoholic consience, thats not found of Blockhead at all.

The nice half realistic artwork of the consience charecter, and the simple child like artwork for Blockhead, blends nicely together as contrasting, also contrasting with the detailed, colourful backgrounds.

The voice acting done a great job with different pitchs to match the charecters as the appear, in a comedy scene of matter, it made good soundtrack.

The Humour was just tear jerking in laughter with the prospect of the consience trying to support BlockHead into doing such a simple task as knowing how to use the phone properlly. that was just lol. That performence of humour just proves for Blockhead's charecter to have such stupiditty.

I state this to be a classic piece on Newgrounds.


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Castle III part A Castle III part A

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Stick Flash Classic

First of all i would like to state that i have been always a great fan of this epic seris, with this episode in particular...

Starting of with the appearence of the stick cahrecters, had improvements made, with the facial features on the stick charecters heads, made it look more human, as would be well sync as the charecters were communicating with one and other in afew sences of this series, and the eye emotions reaction to every plot situation of every second of animation. Overall the charecters were much more of a better appearence than the previous episodes of castle.

The Backgrounds which much more improved in many graphical ways with the appearence of the deserted mountainous scenery, look out focused, foggy, and dark which answers the atmosphere of this movie very well, the arcitectural backgrounds look more graphically drawn and appeared much more realistic to real life human civilisation, and this can be much highlighting among the activity of the stick charecters.

I found the storyline plot to be very interesting, with the science fictional idea of a connection between parrerel universes, homed to dark evil, historical worlds, and many secrets this worlds hold regarding planet earths sources, as mankind makes curious investigations with millitary forces to discover whats instore for our protagenist's. This would have took alot of imagination to be pictured in a stick movie.

What is most favorited to me about this movie is the visional flash back scences of the previous episodes of Castle, being motionally pictured in the same exallent quality as the present showing of this episode, with better quality of stick fighting action, more pleassuring camera movements all being presentable as a visional flash back, dream. What i liked most about the flash back scenes was the referrence to the first castle episode, that featured the dragon being drawn in amazing quality which would be simular to traditional artwork, and had much more lasting dragon fighting action, with the combat of a kantanna blade.

In conclusion i would claim this to be one of the best stick figure cartoons ever.


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