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Bloodthirsty Smiley Bloodthirsty Smiley

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Gory!

I like the gory, dark, evil style of this art piece.

The charecter's face is all nicelly designed as apposed to simulate towards commonly used internet smilies. I love the colour scheme of the smilie face being none saturated with bright red blood stains on his face and sharp, visous teeth. I love how you coloured the eyes to look evil. Its all what makes the face of the charecter.

I like the design of the body and fashion of the charecter being interpurtated at your own artistic style. It looks horrorificly stylish, remindeds me abit of Freddy Kooper, Jason from Friday the 13th and Leatherface. (You get the jist of it.) The charecter's claw looks very mutaented and horrific, all stylish.

I also love the colourful textural background, being all red gorific and illusional. These kind of textural colourful backgrounds are your top strength in art, its what makes your art pieces complete.

Overall I favorite this masterpiece from you >:).

RazorShader responds:

Thanks. The claw is one of the things I'm most fond of in this picture xD

For the backgrounds in my images; it's pure laziness actually; I used the same filter for this one as Nocturnal Drive-by and my Christmas Picture with Jake and Agent Orange... I just adapt the transparency for each one :P
It took a hell of a time to make it - but it serves it's purpose :3

Nocturnal drive-by Nocturnal drive-by

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I must say i like this art piece very much and its concept of being a drive by shooting which is rare to find on newgrounds.

I like the simplistic art style of the car and smiling charecter being so convincing, visually.

The colours and tones of features very well dark, tonal shaded.

This picture is so effective with the dark foggy effects of the sky and lights of the car front lights, uzi gun firing, and moon light being so saturated amonst this foggy climate atmosphere. You good basic colour scheme for this picture and use of tones is what made this art piece at its finest.

I also like the effects of the wheels fading illusionally. The only flaw of this picture is the speeding illusion effects of the back of the car, the fading effect should be more faded and have less colour preassure amongst the background so this illusional visual impact of speeding will be complete.

Overall one of the very best of your artworks :D

RazorShader responds:

Thanks man, very constructive. :D
Yea I see now I might have pushed it a bit too far with the fading indeed.