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Kid Jacked The Car Kid Jacked The Car

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Up Beat!

A ice cold song this. I like its concept.

First of all, the beat is nicelly made and is very uplifting and as always matchs your lyrical distinct style. It makes my head bump up and down, such good vibe to the beat.

The lyricism is great as always, I would love to hear a studio edit with the voice though. But neather the less, its great. I love the concept plot of a kid trying to be hard and upfront but suffers the consequences, lol.
I like your sort of voice acting style spitting on the chorus among other people's public reaction towards a kid jacking a car, lol. I like your laid back, vocal, lyrical attitude in this song, stylish as always. I also found the ending "It's sh!t like this that gives rap a bad" humourous, as it references the mainstream public's point of view of rap.

In conclusion this song reaches your highest standards in rap.



Thanks for the great review, bro!
It's very appreciated!

Wail On Them Studio Edition Wail On Them Studio Edition

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Very Best of Dirty Ice!

This song is illmatic!

The beat of this song is head rocking. I like the instrumental background of it, You have got your own good potential to it, with the church arrcordion, adding a creepy horrourcore sound to it. Very stylish.

Your lyrics are all nicelly rhythmed, you have very good vocalbulary skills when you rhyem in this tune. I love the aggressive, vocal, attitude on this on, espically on the chorus, which is catchy. I also like the eminem like humour you add with your flow on thism it makes it all the more entertaining.

The most essential song by you, so far. I can predict and I do hope for big success for this song, its at high standards of music!

Keep wailing on them! >:)


Oh thank you so fucking much for the review, homie!
You really give me full feedback here, it's much appreciated, bro!