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Cat Gangsters Will Never Die!

2010-10-03 09:14:42 by FMlilgarfield

As always I apologize for the serious lack of updates, art releases on newgrounds, as I have been through a productive, demanding, stressful year, finishing my final year of college, starting my cat portraiture business, and handling some business with my personal life, which I won't go in to details of. All of this has been distracting me with keeping active on newgrounds, and producing much art to submit on here.

But this time I promise for things to change, as I am beginning my career in animation as I am attending University to start a Computer Animation and Digital Art course for 4 years, starting from 1st. I can predict that this year is going to be easy and laid back meaning more time to make an accelerated pace in finally finishing my collection of Cat Gangsters Art Works which will be submitted net wide. I am also working on the "FM Lil Garfield Come Back" art collection in which I am sure to update you all about. ;)

Also you can all expect animation productions from myself soonish. ;)

Be sure to check out my new alternative account with cat paintings fine art which is, I strongly recommend it!

Stay wicked!

Cat Gangsters Will Never Die!

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Yo Newgrounds.

A number of you may have been wondering where I have dissappeared to.

My frequant answer is college, social life, starting my cat pet portraiture busy up, etc keeping me very busy, taking away time to keep my page on newgrounds active, and keep in touch with one and all, and even devoting time towards making art to submit online. But this stressful phase that I am in just now, will end at June where I graduate my diploma in Fine Art.

In which with my graduation at college will benefit future art of mine to be submitted, with all the skills, techniques, and abillities developed at my time at college, my new Aiptek 14000C tablet and my recentlly installed Photoshop 5.0, Expect more epiclly improved art from me in the future.

Moving on to more important subjects. Once summer rises I am going to get work on making my return to being scouted on the Newgrounds Art Portal and finishing the Cat Gangsters pictures in which I hope submit all of them by the end of AUGUST THIS YEAR.

In Other news I am going to University after summer to study Animation/ Digital Art which means more activity on newgrounds from Yours truelly:D

I concluded this long awaited update with Hip hop classic and submit my belated MADNESS DAY 2009 ART SUBMISSION >:)


The future of FM Lil Garfield

Long time no see, Newgrounds

2009-11-20 14:51:50 by FMlilgarfield

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Whats Up all

Made the thought to update my news...

Firstlly College has been keeping me a hell lot busy taking away time to spend on newgrounds, and also had to put a pause towards progress with Cat Gangsters pictures, etc.

But Now i am off holidays and now taking a ride down easy street, to make my return back on newgrounds, with a short update of art...

UPDATED: 17/12/2009

Newgrounds Art Portal Come Back Art Work: 3/4

Cat Gangsters Pictures: 22/30

Making A ComeBack For The Art Portal.

2009-09-21 19:07:47 by FMlilgarfield

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As Some of You people may know, I was possibly one of the first Scotsman to be part of the Art Portal when it was first designed and i had such great honour being scouted by the famous moderator, Luis. And My art reputation was becoming solid gold with my submissions recieving high rated reviews and high votes, also being added into other newgrounders favorites...

But now that has been taken away from me, all thanking the Duck Division for hacking newgrounds and causing such havoc to the art portal. My Profile as artist as melted down, because of such privacy invasion.

Whats done is done. I now motivated to make my return to the art portal. My Plot is to do what is suggested in the Newgrounds FAQ. That is to create 4 new and improved high quality Art Pieces and submit them all at once. I am going to submit a Madness Combat Art piece which was intended for Madness Day 2009, A Fan Artwork of Garfield, A Fan Artwork of Snoopy, and A Fan Artwork of Snoop Dogg's The Adventures of The Blue Carpet Treatment. In Which the last two referenced are development for an idea of A new charecter in "Cat Gangsters".

My objective is to hopefully be rescouted before I am completed with the collection of Cat Gangsters.
Hopefully this self motive task of mine will make my artwork more noticed and will bring success of my return to the art portal.
Please show Your support by recommending me back to the art portal;)

The Progress of ArtWork as follows...

FMlilgarfield Art Portal come back Artworks: 1/4

Cat Gangsters Art Works: 20/30

Stay tuned.

If you got love for them Cat Gangsters let me hear You one time, if your down for the grind >:L


2009-07-09 20:05:28 by FMlilgarfield

updat-ation in progress

Guess Whos Back...

2009-02-24 13:18:37 by FMlilgarfield

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Hey all of Newgrounds.

If you readed my last news post regrading my absence from newgrounds, Well Hecktic times with college are over from now, leaving me the chances to get done the following done...

Ofcourse i am now getting back to work with the "Cat Gangsters" Artwork Pictures, after a long pause.
Now i will be able to be able to pick up the pace now that i am off college for a while, and my Artist illustrating programming is upgraded with the art programme GIMP 2.6, thanks to NGgangsterpimp.
I won't be drawing in slow motion, and i won't be drawing in just fast motion, but i will be drawing in DrawMotion(8)

Another Art project i am doing is that as afew of you may know that i am planning to draw a tribute art work for my friend NGgangsterpimp. This Art Piece will feature A Pimp in the Madness Combat Charecter appearence.

Anyways i am only going to leave behind an old practice drawing for The upcoming Cat Gangster Pictures...

And i am out. Later all :3

Guess Whos Back...

Whats up!

I thought i'd post some highlights:

Be sure to read my first newgrounds post, before reading.

As You know i am currentlly working on a collection of Cartoon Art Work Pieces from my Original concept called "Cat Gangsters", as i now move on to more details. This Art Album will feature 30 pictures of fine cartoon art work by me, Fraser "FMlilgarfield" McMillan which once finshed will be released online across various network websites, that i am sure to publish Links here on Newgrounds.
Now for Cat Gangsters pictures progress report:

Cat Gangsters Pictures completed: 10/30

Percentage: 33.3%

Accomplishment: 1/3 done :)

Other news is that i will no longer be drawing on MSpaint...

as a redevelopment has been made that i will be creating artwork in the Microsoft programme, "GIMP.2.6" which is much more advanced than MSpaint, and i will make much more asurred improved artwork:)

As i thank my good friend NGgangsterpimp for the hook up of "GIMP.2.6" :)

Now for some bad news:(

I won't be online newgrounds, update my internet livlyhood, and make any more progress with Cat Gangsters Pictures for a while as i am caught up in some Stressful times with college and other art buisness on the outside world, but i should get back into things at the end of febuary as i reasure all reading, and will resume storming progress with Cat Gangsters pictures and other Cartoon projects i have on mind. so until then take care :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Classic Garfield! :D

Cat Gangsters Pictures Update

My First Blog on NewGrounds,

2008-12-06 19:44:27 by FMlilgarfield

Hello People on Newgrounds.

My Names Fraser "FM Lil Garfield" McMillan.

I am at the moment a Full Time Student at Art School. My Main Interest is Cartoon Art and i always wanted to do Animation. Cartoons are my Life! I have been a member of this website for years now, have watched many cartoons that are submitted in the Flash Portal Enviroment, and always love the talent thats made a name here. Anyways enough Introduction more about this Charecter on Newgrounds;).

I have always been Drawing Cartoons through out my life, since Childhood times, and have taken much inspiration from here and there, my favorite Cartoon of all time is Garfield the cat were i get my nickname from:3 During my Early Teenage years i was suggested by friends of mine to make my own Cartoons and taking that to mind after years of filling in sketchbooks and drawing at The MSpaint programme my idea of a cartoon soon became named...

"Cat Gangsters"

Which is a Action, Adventure, Drama Genre, about Many cats that are stray, homeless, left out on the street, gets into drug dealing, extortion, racketering, pimping, thugging, and that makes the title lol.
A gritty look into the World of Organised Crime, as for the storyline i am still typing in my brains, lol

This cartoon i have been drawing for years i would like to turn into an animated seris and release episodes on newgrounds, and hopefully get a good name as a Cartoonist. but i won't plan to animate it, until i congradulate animation at university which is a top priority of my career path, so by then i animations i make will turn out good.

but for the moment i draw stillart cartoons at Programme of MSpaint. i am currentlly working on a gallery of some of my finist cartoon art works and release on afew of my websites, which links will be published and i will post afew pictures on this page from time to time.

but i now leave with one of my best pictures:)

My First Blog on NewGrounds,