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Cat Gangsters Will Never Die!

2010-10-03 09:14:42 by FMlilgarfield

As always I apologize for the serious lack of updates, art releases on newgrounds, as I have been through a productive, demanding, stressful year, finishing my final year of college, starting my cat portraiture business, and handling some business with my personal life, which I won't go in to details of. All of this has been distracting me with keeping active on newgrounds, and producing much art to submit on here.

But this time I promise for things to change, as I am beginning my career in animation as I am attending University to start a Computer Animation and Digital Art course for 4 years, starting from 1st. I can predict that this year is going to be easy and laid back meaning more time to make an accelerated pace in finally finishing my collection of Cat Gangsters Art Works which will be submitted net wide. I am also working on the "FM Lil Garfield Come Back" art collection in which I am sure to update you all about. ;)

Also you can all expect animation productions from myself soonish. ;)

Be sure to check out my new alternative account with cat paintings fine art which is, I strongly recommend it!

Stay wicked!

Cat Gangsters Will Never Die!


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2010-10-03 10:30:07

im so happy cause today i found my friends their in my head

FMlilgarfield responds:



2010-10-05 17:29:12

whoa gangsta picture :D
i also just checked out the Garfield picture; i'll post a review when i've some more time - but it looks GREAT :D :D :D

i just started my lawschool (lawlschool) study this year; prior to this i did game design for half a year but i figured i didn't want to turn my hobby into my job.
i use the classes to make both notes and drawings, so there's a lot of rough material to transform into digital art (like i did with the bloodthirsty smiley).

i virtually finished two pieces of art featuring a new character i came up with, in one i have to change a few details, the other one only needs a title and my name.

i think i might post them this week, ill let you know when i do

^lots of my sentences start with 'i' lol, but i'm too lazy to change it :3

FMlilgarfield responds:

Hell Yes, Dawg! 8)
Thanks for the compliment! :D

Sounds awesome, I wish you the best with law school! :)
I really do look forward to seeing some new works of you on newgrounds, soonish. :D

Keep in touch, Dude! 8)


2011-03-16 19:53:13

horrid btccc

FMlilgarfield responds:

Say What?


2012-04-25 23:11:06

Holy shit, been years since i've seen you.

I'm sure you're busy with a bunch of shit nowadays, just wanted to say hi. Keep it up with the art, man. You're a fucking terrific artist, saying only that is an understatement.


2012-06-18 14:08:31

Currie Hill Gang 4 Life G.